Gordo Scientific - Clear Riptide Bubble Carb Cap

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Info Provided by Gordo Scientific
This unique design is the original multi-core carb cap, with six unique air paths that create a dabbing experience that you won’t get from anyone else. We’ve sold thousands of these since we came up with the design in 2016, so you’ll be in good company when you add one to your collection. The spinning pearls help to stabilize the temperature and spread out the material for a more consistent dab.

Each cap is made by skilled, US-based craftsmen using premium borosilicate glass. The cap is designed to work with any American-made, 25mm nail. We’ve found that you can use a 30mm nail, but we’ve had best results using 25mm nails with this particular cap.

Controlled airflow yields greater flavor and rig efficiency
Spinning pearls offer more consistent dabs at lower temperatures
Easy to clean and maintain
Properly annealed for structural stability
Crafted in the USA
Made using SCHOTT borosilicate glass

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