Mighty Quinn's History

The Mighty Quinn was founded in 1979 in Downtown Santa Rosa, CA. For over four decades The Mighty Quinn has been under the same ownership. With our first store opening in 1979 we were one of the only smoke shops for the neighboring towns of Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Sonoma, and Cotati.
In 1999 The Mighty Quinn expanded and opened its seconded location in San Rafael, CA. Providing smoking accessories to customers in San Rafael and neighboring towns San Francisco, Novato, And Oakland.
Both of our locations have consistently won the award of North Bay Area's Best Smokeshop from the Bohemian Magazine. In 2012 we expanded again and launched our website www.MightyQuinnSmokeShop.com. Allowing people from all over the country to experience shopping with one of the states oldest and best Head Shops. We are one of the extremely lucky few Head Shops to carry Mobius Glass.
Over several decades, The Mighty Quinn and Mobius have built a strong relationship and are proud to support Mobius Glass and their amazing functional pieces of art.

How To Clean A Bong, Dab Rig, Or Pipe.

Keep your bong, dab rig, or pipe in optimal condition with the best methods for cleaning them. Choose from a comprehensive range of approaches, from light cleaning to deep cleaning, to keep your smoking tool working for years. Get the cleanest, most satisfying hit every time with the best cleaning methods for the cannabis user.

Pipe Cleaners And Brushes:

Cleaning brushes will help you get into all the hard to get to places in your pipe that a cotton swab can’t. cleaning brushes are able to be bent into specific angles to reach anywhere in the bong or pipe. Metal stem brushes with stiffer bristles will be able to scrub off any stuck on residue. for more delicate pipes, softer bristle pipe cleaners are recommended. 

Pipe Cleaning Solvents:

Solvents use acidity to dissolve stuck on residue. Using solvents is the most effective way to clean any bong or pipe. Simply pour out any old or used water. Pour in preferred cleaning solvent, cover any holes, (Using Silicone Rez Caps to cover openings is recommend) Shake and twirl the bong or pipe to evenly distribute the solvent. Allow time for the cleaning solvent to dissolve the residue. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Thoroughly rinse bong or pipe with soap and water. Allow the pipe to completely dry out before using.

Why You Should Use A Grinder:

This grinder is an essential tool for any smoker. It easily crushes dry herbs into a fine, uniform consistency for an optimal smoking experience. Allowing uniform airflow through out the hit. With its various shapes, sizes, and functions, it is sure to aid your smoking needs.

  What Is A Two Piece Grinder:

Two Piece Grinders have just a top and bottom with teeth. Once closed any herb inside has no escape from the teeth. The more you turn the grinder the finer the particles. Making Two Piece Grinders a great choice for people looking for a versatile grinder. Two Piece Grinders are also the preferred grinder for use with vaporizers. Providing users with the finest particles of herb for max airflow and even vaporizing of herb.

   What Is A Four Piece Grinder:

A four piece grinder is perfect for getting the most out of your herbs. Every piece is designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, from the teeth for grinding to the chamber for herb storage and a mesh screen to catch any micron size pollen that falls through. The even grind will maximize surface area that provides a smoother and more flavorful smoke.

    What Is A Toothless Grinder:

A grinder with no teeth is an unusual idea compared to previous grinder designs. Brands like Flower Mill Grinders are changing the way smokers are breaking up their bud. With no teeth the Flower Mill well mills the bud into the very thin screen with large holes that will mill only the bud. Using a slight downward pressure, the Flower Mill design will only mill the green bud and leave most of the stems in the top milling chamber while the milled bud falls into a bottom chamber. Flowers Mills premium edition is reviewed as one of the first full stainless steel grinders on the market. The premium edition also features the ability to add a kief pollen screen and replace the milling screen with different sized screens.

How To Use A Dab Rig:

Enjoy maximum potency and flavor with dabbing! Concentrates are extracted from plant matter and vaporized with a dab rig, providing up to 100% potency and a clean, smooth taste. Dabbing offers fewer chemicals than smoking flower, making it a healthier, more efficient way to enjoy cannabis.

   The Rig Itself:

        What is a Dab Rig?

A Dab Rig is the term given to pipes meant to smoke concentrate materials through. Here we will explain. How To Use A Dab Rig, And How To Take A Dab. Experience a new way to smoke with a special dab rig. Unlike a traditional bong, dab rigs are designed to hold and vaporize oils and wax concentrate. Combined with a nail, quartz banger, or turp slurper. You can choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs - each with their own unique look. The recommended size for a dab rig is much smaller than a flower bong. The smaller size reduces the internal volume which reduces the amount of air inside the rig. With reduced internal air volume, smoke will flow in and out of the pipe very quickly. Increasing flavor and providing a smoother hit.

   What is a "Nail" or Quartz Banger / Turp Slurper:

The evolution of dabbing techniques has changed rapidly since the first dab. Dab rigs were originally used with metal "nails" usually made out of Titanium. Today the preferred method of dabbing is using a Quartz Banger or a Quartz Turp Slurper. People often as us How Do You Use A Turp Slurper? And What is a Turp Slurper? The Turp Slurper's newer design is all about maximum vapor production at the lowest temp possible. Turp Slurpers are meant to be used with several Marbles and or pillars. A Turp Slurper Marble is placed at the top of the nail to seal off air flow. Forcing the air intake through the slanted cuts at the bottom. Air enters and spins up the neck tube, causing any marble or pillar in the tube to spin or oscillate quickly. A "ball valve" marble can be placed at the top of the narrow neck tube to limit the amount of airflow and excess oil to run up the tube.

  What Is The Correct Temperature For Dabbing:

When vaporizing wax and oil concentrates having the correct temperature is crucial. Taking a hot dab can be a painful experience and having no flavor at all. Finding the correct temperature is dependent on the Quartz Banger or Turp Slurper being used. The Thicker the quartz the longer it will take to heat up and cool down. Without a thermal temperature reader, like the Dab Rite Pro or Turpometer. You must time the heat up and the cool down period. increasing the amount of time relevant to the amount of cool down. To find the preferred temperature for the material being dabbed.



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