blog post about From The Proto Pipe To The Puffco Peak Pro - Getting High Has Gone Hi-Tech

From The Proto Pipe To The Puffco Peak Pro - Getting High Has Gone Hi-Tech

1973 - The Proto Pipe

In 1973 Phil Jergenson fully committed to his dream of producing and selling his industry changing invention, The Proto Pipe. The brass pipe was designed with the users experience in mind. Complete with a swivel lid, storage chamber pod, and removable poker. The Proto Pipe raised the bar of what smokers thought a pipe should be. With 50+ years of production, it is clear the design and production quality of the Proto Pipe is embedded in 420 history. Over the years the people at Proto Pipe have released new and improved version of the original design. The Rocket Pipe looks just like the original design, however the new pipe features the newer multi hole bowl with a bottom swivel lid. The bottom lid allows easy access to the resin trap area for easy cleaning. With marijuana legal now and smoking gone main stream The Proto Pipe has earned its right as The Mighty Quinn's favorite metal pipe.

2023 - The New Puffco Peak Pro

In today's modern world getting high has gone hi-tech. On the leading edge of electronic portable vaporizer devices is Puffco. With multiple award winning designs in the electronics industry Puffco is constantly listening to its customers and designing newer and more hi-tech devices. In 2023 Puffco released the New Puffco Peak Pro V2. Redesigning something near perfection isn't easy but the people at Puffco have done it again. Improving the operating system with more controls and better user experience. They have also given the new Peak Pro the 3D Atomizer. This newer atomizer design allows both bottom and the walls of the ceramic chamber to be heated for better vaporization of concentrates. These two improvements is also paired with a new interactive dashboard on the Puffco App. Giving users access to dab counts, average dab duration, popular temps, and popular mood lights. The sky is surely the limit when it comes to what Puffco will come up with next.

Marijuana - From Backstreets To Main Streets

Reefer, pot, weed, whatever you know it by, Marijuana has been around for a long time. With more time spent being illegal then legal, it was not as easy to find as it is now. Before weed was legal, having a "hook up" was one of the most important things a smoker could have. Meeting in unusual places at unusual times was just part of the experience of purchasing a "sack." Once the deal had been done, smoking it was another problem. Making a pipe was the common go to for smokers, easy and cheap, home made pipes could be thrown away after using. Finding a store that sold pipes, bongs, bubblers, papers, and more in one place was hard to find. In 1979 The Mighty Quinn opened its doors to provide smokers of Sonoma County just that. A store that sold everything you needed to smoke your hard earned sack. Today The Mighty Quinn has expanded to two stores, Santa Rosa and San Rafael and our online retail store. Today smokers are able to shop online and purchase smoking equipment and have it shipped to their door with no worry of "The Man" coming for them. The experience of smoking weed sure has change in the past few decades.